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ESO is a consortium of European scientific institutions formed to undertake Mission-specific platform (MSP) operations for ECORD on behalf of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (2003-2013) and the new phase of ocean research drilling, the International Ocean Discovery Program launched on October 1 2013. To date, ESO has completed five MSP operations, the Arctic Coring Expedition (ACEX), the Tahiti Sea-Level Expedition, the New Jersey Shallow Shelf Expedition, the Great Barrier Reef Environmental Changes Expedition and the Baltic Sea Paleoenvironment Expedition. For further information please visit the expedition web pages from the links given in the menu to the right. The next MSP operation is the Atlantis Massif Serpentinization and Life Expedition, with the offshore phase of the expedition taking place from October to December 2015.

Baltic Sea Paleoenvironment
Baltic Sea Paleoenvironment
Atlantis Massif logo
Atlantis Massif
platform off the coast of New Jersey
New Jersey Shallow Shelf

Great Barrier Reef Environmental Changes
Vidar Viking on Arctic expedition

Arctic Coring
DP Hunter on Tahiti expedition

Tahiti Sea Level