Expedition 302 - Arctic Coring Expedition

The Arctic Coring Expedition (ACEX) was the first IODP mission-specific platform operation managed by ESO (in cooperation with the Swedish Polar research Secretariat - SPRS) from August 7 to September 15, 2004. The drillsites were located on a submarine high, the Lomonosov Ridge, at a point only 250 km from the North Pole. ACEX was a huge logistical challenge because the drillship had to hold its position while surrounded by the moving ice sheets of the Arctic Ocean. This required two icebreakers, the Oden and Sovetskiy Soyuz to clear a channel through the ice to allow a third icebreaker, Vidar Viking, specially converted for the task, to undertake the drilling.


ACEX sites and seafloor topography of the Arctic region. ICBAO-NOAA-NGDC - Jakobsson et al., 2000 Title: Arctic Coring Expedition - ACEX
Sites: M0001, M0002, M0003 and M0004
Dates: 7 August-15 September 2004 (coring expeditions only)
Ports: Tromsö to Tromsö, Norway
Co-Chief Scientists: Jan Backman and Kate Moran. Click here to see Jan Backman present the Arctic Coring Expedition on YouTube. Select the video segment entitled "IODP Exp. 302, ACEX".
Expedition Project Manager: David McInroy
Expedition Participants: list
Petrophysical Staff Scientist: Brice Rea
Ships: Vidar Viking (drillship), Oden and Sovetskiy
Soyuz (icebreakers)


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Proposal #533
Scientific Prospectus
Expedition Logbook
Preliminary Report
IODP Proceedings - Volume 302

You can also download proceedings from here.


8 - 23 November 2004 at Bremen Core Repository


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