Expedition 313 - New Jersey Shallow Shelf

The offshore phase of the New Jersey Shallow Shelf Expedition took place from 30 April to 17 July 2009. This IODP expedition received additional financial support from the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP).


General location map of expedition 313 Title: New Jersey Shallow Shelf
Sites: MAT-1, MAT-2 and MAT-3
Dates: 30 April 2009 – 17 July 2009
Ports: Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

Co-Chief Scientists: Professor Gregory Mountain (Rutgers University, USA) and Dr Jean-NoŽl Proust (CNRS, University of Rennes, France).
Click here to see Greg Mountain present the New Jersey Shallow Shelf Expedition on YouTube. Select the video segment entitled "IODP Exp. 313".
Expedition Project Manager: David McInroy
Expedition Participants: list
Petrophysical Staff Scientist: Jenny Inwood
Drillship: L/B Kayd


Detailed location map of expedition 313 Proposal #564 (pdf)
Scientific Prospectus
Environmental Impact Statement
Ship Reports
Expedition Logbook
Preliminary Report
IODP Proceedings

You can also download proceedings from here.


6 November 2009 at Bremen Core Repository


News Release - NJSS launches drill rig
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